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The Nona Review

I thought it was time to do a review for the ‘Nona’ spinning wheel I was given as a gift for my birthday from my hubby.

The wheel I bought was in a standard finish with a dragon motif to the front of the wheel.  Because it was my birthday my hubby bought the extra bobbins and the lazy kate, so that I could spin more yarn.

It took a while to get to us because it is hand-crafted, we ordered it in November and because of the volume of orders he didn’t get around to completing the wheel until January.

The wheel cost £395.48 and delivery was £24.83.  This was not all the cost though, because the wheel was arriving from Belgium we also had to pay VAT and import fees of £130.09, so all in we paid £550.40.

What about the wheel?  Well, it has three speeds to spin fibre, a scotch tensioner for the bobbin and a drive band made of some sort of thermal rubber.

What do I like about the wheel?  Well, it is very comfortable to use, though this is my first wheel so I don’t have much experience.  It’s well balanced and easy enough to set up.  Getting the tension and speed can be difficult I am led to believe when spinning.

Problems?  The screws on the fibre eye thing … lol … are not really the right sort of screw and could have been better, I am currently using garden wire to hold it in place while spinning.  I’ll be adding cup hooks to the flyer to help with the bobbin feeding.  The left pedal hinge has cracked, it’s made from plastic and broke at some point, so I’m changing them for metal hinges.

Would I recommend?  Difficult to say.  If I had understood the cost of import and VAT maybe not.  The problems I have found are easily rectified for me.

Overall I like the wheel but I think if I could go back I would have bought a wheel from one of the suppliers local to me rather than paying the same amount for the wheel I have now.





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